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Best Pocket Door Repair in San Antonio!

Have you ever needed an update to your closet door or door way in your home and not been able to find someone in the San Antonio Area? High End Pocket Doors are a great way to update any area in your home. San Antonio Sliding Door Repair is here to help put your pocket door in or repair your current pocket door!

Closet doors are in every home and in smaller spaces, pocket doors could be just want you need to open up the space. Pocket Doors come in various designs and we can find the right fit to match your home interior.

San Antonio Sliding Door Repair is San Antonio’s solution for pocket door repair and installation. We offer high end, cost affordable new pocket doors and repairs to current pocket doors with issues. 

Additionally, San Antonio Sliding Door Repair specializes in tracks and rollers repairs/replacements if that is a needed part to complete your pocket door project.

San Antonio Sliding Door Repair is not like other repair and installation companies, handymen, or contractors. We focus on the customer first, which means our technicians are serving your best interest. We do what we can to give to provide excellent service with top quality products. 


A pocket door is a type of sliding door that is designed to slide open and close by rolling on a track that is installed inside the wall. This allows the door to be completely concealed when it is open, creating more usable space and a seamless transition between rooms.

Pocket doors are a great option for small spaces or for people who want a more modern and minimalist look for their doors. They are also a good choice for people with mobility issues, as they do not require any clearance to swing open like a traditional hinged door. Pocket doors are typically installed during the construction or renovation of a building, as they require modifications to the wall in order to be installed, but they have been growing in popularity, so the desire for pocket doors has increased in recent years. 

Are you wondering if a pocket door is right for you?

The Pocket Door Process

Our San Antonio technicians are the best in the industry when it comes to repairing or installing pocket doors. San Antonio Sliding Door Repair offers a solution for every home and every space.

Our service package includes two technicians coming to your property to assess the pocket door repair or area you want to install the pocket door, provide you with a quote, then we schedule an install appointment if we have to order parts for the repair/replacement. We always leave the area of the project clean, fixed, and giving you happiness that your project is completed. Any specific questions you may have, our technicians can answer during your appointment. 


 Is a Pocket Door Right for Your Home?

When considering if you want to install a pocket door versus a regular door in your home, it’s important to understand the differences between a pocket door and a regular swing door. A pocket door is different from a standard hinged door that opens by swinging back and forth. A pocket door slides in and out on rollers that are attached to an overhead track. That is where we get the term “pocket door” because it goes into the wall on either side of it. When the pocket door is fully open, it completely disappears into the wall. This design eliminates the need for the clearance that standard hinged doors require to swing open and close. Pocket doors are a stylish, space-saving way to add doors in your home, whether it is a bedroom, library, office, or living room. Pocket doors are a great way to add privacy, elegance while not taking up additional space. If you have questions about pocket doors, call or email us today for a consulation. 


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