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Sliding Glass Door Repair in San Antonio!

Have you ever needed sliding door repair, closet door repair, pocket door repair, or pet door installation and not been able to find someone in the San Antonio Area? San Antonio Sliding Door Repair is your solution!

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What Work Do I Actually Need?

San Antonio Sliding Door Repair is not like other companies. We focus on the customer first, which means our technicians do only the work you need and not focus on overselling. If we can find the right parts to replace old ones utilizing what you already have . 

There are plenty of handy men and contractors, but none in Central Texas that can do sliding door repair like San Antonio Sliding Door Repair (SASDR). We specialize in sliding door repair, track repair/replacement, roller repair/replacement, and bringing the function back to your home. 

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    We Have You Covered!

    San Antonio Sliding Door and Window Repair has you covered when it comes to these hurdles.   It’s everyday business for us.

    We have a solution for every problem and can fix just about any door on the market as long as the damage is not beyond repair.

    Examples of beyond-repair would be if the frame has been bent in half, or the door is so warped it can’t be straightened. This is a rare occurrence with vinyl doors due to sun exposure and heat but it does happen.

    If you’re thinking to yourself “what’s this going to cost me” we can assure you it’s going to be much less than replacing a door and a much more environmentally friendly solution.

    We sell parts for all types of manufacturers.


    Roller Repairs

    Sliding door rollers are small wheels or bearings that are attached to the bottom of a sliding door. They allow the door to move smoothly and easily along a track, and are an essential part of a sliding door’s mechanism. Sliding door rollers can become worn or damaged over time, which can cause the door to stick or not move smoothly. In this case, the rollers may need to be replaced to restore the door’s proper function. There are many different types of sliding door rollers available, and the type that is needed will depend on the specific sliding door and track system.

    Our service package includes two technicians coming to your property to assess the repair, provide you with a quote, then we replace the rollers, properly align panels for proper weather seal and lock alignment, lubricate the locking mechanism and weather stripping, and do a thorough cleaning of the door tracks with a vacuum and cleaning product to break down built-up grease and grime.


    Track Repair or Replacement

    A sliding door track is a long, narrow strip of metal, plastic, or other material that is attached to the floor or frame of a door opening. It provides a smooth, level surface for a sliding door to move along, and is typically curved or angled in such a way as to allow the door to slide open and closed easily. The track is typically installed along the bottom of the door opening, but in some cases it may also be mounted on the top or sides of the opening. The track typically has a series of rollers or wheels attached to the bottom of the door that allow it to move smoothly along the track.

    Rollers have a 1/4 round/radius/C shape that rides on the ball, and some tracks have a smaller ball than they should. This causes the rollers to wear down the track quicker than normal.

    Rollers are made of Steel and Stainless Steel. These are hard metals compared to the aluminum that most tracks are made of. When  a heavy sliding glass door with steel or stainless steel wheels underneath is rolling back and forth over a soft metal with a lot of weight, it can wear down the aluminum over time. A stainless steel veneer track not only ensures smooth, easy, and quiet doors. This type of track also prevents de-railing.

    The track ball and track stem (where the rollers slide on) has any damage to it such as dents, waves, divots, valleys, or gouges because of old worn out rollers, we can install a stainless steel veneer cap over top of the damaged ball. This will provide a corrected surface that ensures a proper fit to new rollers.

    If the divots, dents or valleys on the track are too deep and damaged, then a track replacement would be necessary to avoid future issues and to fix the problem.

    Often times on a vinyl sliding door that is made of PVC/Plastic, we see the track cracked, split, and damaged near the ball and stem. If this is the case, we would need to replace it to prevent, your sliding door from going into the crack every time, having continuous issues, and regularly de-railing.



    Track Replacement

    Track replacements are necessary when we  cannot repair the track because of excess damage.

    If your track has corrosion because of improper installation, it’s time for a new track. The issue with your door will continue to worsen and cause more problems for you.

    San Antonio Sliding Door techs start the process by coming out to your home to identify the proper track and asses what should be done to give you the best solution.

    Once we identify your track and the parts needed, we can order everything, schedule an installation appointment, and come back to complete the installation.

    The track replacement install process starts with removing the screen door, any fixed and operable panels, and then removing your old track carefully so no damage is done to your floor.

    Once your old track is removed, our techs will install a three part weatherproofing flashing that ensures that the track will never leak, corrode, and will not bond to your foundation.

    Once that part of the install is complete, we then replace the rollers with a new set. This is necessary. You want new rollers on a new track so that the old ones do not do what they did to your old track to your newly installed track.

    Sliding Door Locks & Handles

    At San Antonio Sliding Door Repair, we offer OEM and some aftermarket security locks and handles to provide customers with a proper lock, to ensure safety and overall protection of your home.

    More About Locks & Handles

    Sliding door locks and handles are used to secure sliding doors and prevent unauthorized access. These locks and handles can be mounted on the top, bottom, or side of the sliding door, depending on the design of the door and the desired level of security.

    There are several types of sliding door locks and handles available, including keyed locks, keyless locks, and handles with lock cylinders. Keyed locks require a key to unlock the door, while keyless locks can be opened using a code, a key fob, or a fingerprint. Handles with lock cylinders can be locked and unlocked using a key or a thumb turn on the inside of the door.

    Sliding door locks and handles can also be classified based on the type of mechanism they use to lock and unlock the door. Some common types include deadbolts, latch bolts, and hook bolts. Deadbolts are typically more secure than latch bolts and hook bolts, but they may be more difficult to operate for people with mobility issues.

    When choosing a sliding door lock or handle, it is important to consider the level of security you need, the type of mechanism that will be most suitable for your needs, and the ease of use for the people who will be using the door. You should also consider the materials used in the lock or handle, as well as any additional features, such as weather resistance or corrosion resistance, that may be important for your specific application.


    Pet Door Installation

    Help your pet go in and out without the hassle! There are many types of pet doors available. We will recommend the best on for your door. From standard models to electronic varieties that can prevent your pet from roaming the yard in the middle of the night. 

    A pet door, also known as a dog door or cat door, is a small opening in a wall or door that allows pets to enter and exit a building. Pet doors are a convenient way for pets to have access to the outdoors without needing to be let in and out by a person. They can be installed in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic, and are available in many different sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of pets. Some pet doors even have advanced features such as electronic locks that can be controlled using a remote or a smartphone app.

    When our technicians come out to give you a quote, they can answer any specific questions you may have during your pet door appointment. 


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